In the chaotic world with a lot of mess around you, it is important to understand where you stand, because becoming focused and calm will help you achieve a long-lasting success.

But sometimes, we get so busy looking ahead, that we miss to see, where we are at a starting point. And understanding of where you stand is the key to choosing the right focus that will help you stay strong and confident in chaotic conditions of the outside world.

All decisions we make in a company or in a professional life should come through three filters, that help to sort things out and see a clear picture.


Do you find joy in what you do? Is it your passion that keeps you going in the moments when things get tough?


Do you understand what you can be best at and what you simply cannot do better than anyone else?


Do you understand the economic driver of your chosen business model?

We might not have the answers yet,
but we have all the right questions to ask.

Summer is almost over, and while everyone was enjoying their vacation, we sat down at FLOW and improved the concept of all our breakfast seminars.

This fall, we want to have a single theme that would run like a red thread through all these morning events. The question was what do we want to talk about? Which turned into: what do we care about? – We care about every company and every person coming to us, and we want them to become great. No one knows how to move from Good to Great better, than Jim Collins, so all credit for the idea goes to him.

And here we are. In a series of nine breakfast seminars, we will meet nine speakers, have a cup of morning coffee with them, listen, ask, learn and grow. One by one, they will search for their answers and help us with our own self-reflections, infiltrating our ideas through passion, superiority and economic engine driver filters.

Stay tuned!