Welcome to Tromsø

The arctic capital

Put your work in a cloud and take it with you because the natural beauty of Northern Norway awaits. 

At FLOW you will find all the amenities needed to work and outside our door the Northern Lights are dancing, mountaintops are waiting for your skis, the dogs are ready to take you on a sled ride and the regions culinary kitchen will make your forget any diet.

As you are in Tromsø you are at the Gateway to the Arctic. From here you can take your worcation to the islands in Lofoten, the Sami tundra in Finnmark or get on a plane and visit Svalbard, the land of the polar bears.

So, really why work from home?




Become part of the most viberant community and innovation space in the city during your stay. 

Here you can meet, share and be innovate together with our coworkeres. Maybe you even find new business connections?

We provide you with a desk, wifi, coffee, access to a printer and meeting rooms and you can buy lunch inhouse or choose one of the great local cafés.

Drop-in prices range from 200kr a day and up for visiting coworkers.

Visiting another city during you stay? Let us know and we will help you find a desk there.

The arcitic region

Where to begin.

There is so many natural wonders to explore. The Arctic is really an adventure just waiting to be yours.

Norther Lights. Midnight Sun. Sami Culture. Festivals. Landscapes.

All we can say is:

Read more then come explore.

Tromsø official city app

Here you will find everything you need to know about Tromsø – activities, attractions, history, food, accommodation, events, practical information and maps

AND it is made by one of the companys at Flow.

We hope you enoy it!


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