In collaboration with Centric, IT Forum Troms here by invite you to the very first TagTalk of the year!


We have Shaun Reardon visiting - a former detective at Scotland Yard in London for over 26 years.

He specialised in hi-tech and cyber investigations working within Counter Terrorism, Economic and Complex Crime, Kidnap and Specialist Investigation, London Olympics Cyber Operations and intelligence.

The Talk will give you a ‘behind the scenes’ look at complex case hi-tech investigation. Using real world examples, where many have been on global interest, Reardon will explain how criminals and terrorists can misuse technology and the impact that may have on innocent technology providers and IT users.

Note that the event is free for anyone holding a Tag-IT ticket, is a member of IT-Forum Troms og Flow.
Drop-in: 150kr

Reardon is currently an International Project Manager - Key Account Manager for the Crisis Management System - CIM at One Voice AS in Trondheim.

This tag talk is titled ‘It’s not your fault but…an investigation is a risk worth mitigating’