Introducing Tromsø's new coworking and innovation space: FLOW!

The start of something big

It all started with a dream of creating a space for startups and smaller business to be able to be part of a community of likeminded people and enjoy their work in a dynamic and energetic environment. We also we wanted to provide an low barrier, affordable fully serviced office solution so that entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best; building their companies. 

And today we are very happy to announce that with FLOW we are off to a flying start for something we hope will be a great new force in the northern norwegian startup scene. The start of a community that we want you to be part of shaping!

We are already 8 people from a variety of industries, including game development and technology, working in our new space. Each of us having worked at home or in separate offices around town, we can already feel the benefits of having other people around us to draw inspiration from, to learn from or to simply enjoy a casual lunch with. It is just plain and simple more fun to go to work!

Part of the FLOW mission is that we want to help connect people and organisations with each other and with knowledge. With our bi-weekly breakfast workshops, and a series of other events hosted either by us or by our partners we want to create a place for you to network, learn and be inspired. 

Come join us for our first event on Wednesday the 28th.


A huge thanks to all of those who have helped us so far!

The last few weeks we have been hard at work getting the office space ready for our first coworkers, and we have been very lucky to have so many friends helping us out in doing so. We have to thank you all so much for jumping in to help with cleaning, painting, carrying, building and all the other efforts that go in to getting an office up and running. We had a blast in getting so far and we look forward to the next steps together!

We have been given a lot of great advice from some of the norwegian coworking spaces such as MESH and 657 in Oslo, DIGS in Trondheim and the up and coming new space Mess & Order in Stavanger. Thanks guys for the invaluable help and advise.

Also a shout out to all of our sponsors who have contributed with everything from tasty food that fueled our DIY efforts to actual materials and tools to get the job done. Thanks!

If you want to know more about our plans, or if you want to become part of our FLOW today and get a great new place to work, take a look at our website for more information:

We  would love to invite you to come and check out the space, we will have the coffee warm and waiting for you!

The FLOW Team,

Vibeke, Andreas & Kim